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 We come together in a "think tank" atmosphere in order to brainstorm and create new products, menu items, and marketing ideas that will provide our clients an unrivaled competitive edge.


With our in-house professional chefs and food scientists, we have the ability to develop formulas and proprietary products to restore ownership to our clients.


We have the ability to acquire virtually any product by helping you find manufacturers that align with your needs and uniqueness.


We provide marketing support through "Ideation Extreme." We want to help bring your image to life by offering graphic and web design, logos, labels, POS material, LTOs, menus, food photography, and promotional products.

The founder of Blue Mountain began his life in the Midwest with a farming background and chose to utilize that knowledge in the food industry. Having worked in the restaurant/hospitality venue, distribution networks, and manufacturing industry, it provided a complete and well-rounded understanding of the risk to rewards available in today's competitive food environment.


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