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What do you dream of?

Our goal at Blue Mountain is to be able to take you "From Dream to Destination". We want to know your dreams so we can best determine how to take you there. Our clients dream of new, unprecedented culinary concepts never before seen in the food industry. That is our specialty. Some of our clients dream of their low performing items becoming top-sellers. Our team loves to take on challenges! Other clients want higher quality products at better prices. We even do that too.

Blue Mountains dynamic business model is so complex, they are able to provide additional business support, such as: accounting support, legal counsil, logistics & Transportation, and providing business infrastructure. Learn all of the ways Blue Mountain can help take you "From Dream to Destination" by calling today 770-205-6491.

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We want you to be the Trend-setter: Not a trend follower.

Our team of industry experts works diligently to develop new menu items never before seen in the industry. We present multiple culinary concepts to our clients and offer the freedom to choose which concept they would like to try.


What is your "Hidden Hurt"?

Blue Mountain enjoys challenges and is eager to take your least productive menu item and turn it into a top-seller. With slight modifications to your existing product and impactful marketing, Blue Mountain teams up with you to transform your "hidden hurt" into a success.


Paying too much for mediocrity?

Blue Mountain will analyze your product cost and determine if we can offer a better price for your current products or raw material. If we are unable to cut the cost of your product, we feel confident in finding higher quality products for the same price of your current product.


Out-of-the-box Marketing Services

Our marketing team offers Professional Commercial Food Photography, Menu Design, ImagePress Printing, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and thousands of ideations.

The Blue Mountain Advantage

No Fees

With no overhead fees or headcount costs weighing down the bottom line, Blue Mountain earns pennies on the pound through the manufacturing process.


Blue Mountain offers completely transparent contract agreements for each project.

Restore Ownership

When you choose to work with Blue Mountain, you are choosing to keep control of your teams and your dreams.

Strength in Numbers

Blue Mountain experts collaborate together on all major tasks - offering solid communication and diversity.

Market Forecasting

In addition to daily, weekly, monthly, annually, bi-annually, and decadely market reports, Blue Mountain offers market forecast reporting.


Customized Crisis Management Handbook

Customized Crisis Management Handbook

Foodborne illness outbreaks are an industry crisis that no one wants to experience. We want to help prepare you, by handing you the tools that will allow you to manage crisis in the food industry. We offer essential information about causes, prevention, and management of common foodborne bacteria. With a completely customized Crisis Management Handbook, you will have an action plan with crucial step by step information to prevent and control foodborne illness outbreaks.

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Research & Development Food Labeling

Research & Development Food Labeling

We offer our services through the USDA & NLEA-compliant program, Genesis R&D Food Labeling Software. This program allows us to do the following for our clients:

• Develop nutritional labels
• Complete nutritional analysis
• Meet specific nutritional requirements
• Nutritional Adjustments on menu items
• Ongoing nutritional help desk support
• Keep a database of labels & adjustments

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