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Farm to Fork

The Founder of Blue Mountain began his life in the Midwest with a farming background and chose to utilize that knowledge in the food industry. Having worked in the restaurant/hospitality venue, distribution networks and the manufacturing industry, it provided a complete and well rounded understanding of the risk to rewards available in todays competitive food environment.

The Blue Mountain Mission

Blue Mountain is on a mission is to provide ethical, professional representation and solutions in order to increase sales and profits to clients. Blue Mountain is able to achieve this by employing quality people with a vision for innovation, dedication, and responsibility. Blue Mountain is always eager to meet new clients and discover ways to develop and strengthen culinary concepts and menu ideations. See what Blue Mountain can do for you, by contacting a representative today.

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Farm to Fork

Cultivation & Irrigation

Farmers prepare the land through cultivation and irrigation in order to produce valuable crops as either a final product or as feed for animals like chickens and cows.

Harvest Season

After many months of preparation and growth, harvest season is when the crops are ready to be taken in and sold or developed into feed.


Once produced into feed, the crops are taken and stored into large silo facilities. This feed is used for hundreds of animals on a daily basis.


In order to allow proper growth of livestock, all of the animals must be handled delicately. Risk of disease, malnutrition, and other variables could effect the .

Processing Plant

Once the livestock grows to the maximum maturity, it is tranferred to a processing plant to be graded and approved by the USDA in order to be sold.


The graded product is sold and taken to a distribution center, where it is available to be purchased by restaurants and food chains as needed.

Prepared & Cooked

The restuarants and food chains are able to order the product when needed. The in-house Chefs are then able to cook it up and send it out to the customers.

Finally the Fork

It is typical not to think of the entire "farm to fork" concept when dining out. Our founder felt it necessary to teach this to our team in order to have a true understanding of our food.

The Blue Mountain Difference

We Are Not Food Brokers

Food Brokers only possess the capabilities in which are given to them through their one supplier partner per category. Food Brokers are appointed by manufacturers to ultimately work for the manufacturers best interest, which does not always align with the best interest of the client. By this method, restaurants and food chains are limited to their product capabilities and menu items.

Group Purchasing Groups:

GPOs tend to strip their customers of their menu’s identity and blend multiple customers products and flavor profiles. GPOs do not offer innovative or regionally preferred products that differentiate restaurant menus. GPOs remove purchasing departments and replace them with high turnover appointed positions. Chain restaurants compromise their strategic purchasing advantage if they take this passive approach.

Blue Mountain:

"Our goal is to enhance your identity and separate you from the generic flavor profiles that have been developed across the industry. We refuse to streamline multiple customer needs into one pipeline, simply because our clients are more than just a number in the system. When you choose Blue Mountain, you choose to keep control of your identity. We work in unison with our clients and their teams in order to develop valuable solutions that will not limit nor hinder our clients from success. To us, clients are part of the team and we only succeed when you succeed.”

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